Strengthen the value of primary care by integrating evidence-based Lifestyle Medicine Chronic Disease Solutions, Care Coordination while reducing burnout.

The AI-powered turn-key platform helping you integrate evidence-based Lifestyle Medicine and Chronic Disease Solutions.

The AI-Powered Turn-Key Platform

Why trying to figure it out yourself if our experienced team can do it for you.

Who is Lifestyle Medicine WORKS™ PRO for?


  • Primary Care Physicians
  • Physician Specialists
  • Health Clinics
  • Hospitals

Value-based healthcare

  • Medicare Advantage
  • Community-based primary care
  • Specialty & Concierge Clinics

Which clinical solutions are provided?

The pragmatic solution-oriented elements of Lifestyle Medicine WORKS™ PRO are:


  • Evidence-Based Lifestyle Medicine courses and skills training
  • Chronic Disease Solutions Protocols
  • Care coordination


  • Value-based delivery methods and strategies
  • Onsite training of a lead practitioner

Revenue cycle

  • Fee-for-services reimbursement codes and procedures
  • Value-based foundations and strategies
  • Out-of-pocket, concierge services

The AI-powered turn-key platform to integrate evidence-based Lifestyle Medicine and Chronic Disease Solutions into physicians' practices.

AI-Powered Lifestyle Medicine WORKS™ PRO

Reduce physician and team burnout and invigorate your passion for healing.

Research References

Type in a question or symptom and Lifestyle Medicine WORKS™ PRO will filter relevant literature and evidence based Lifestyle Medicine protocols based on the 4 pillars of Lifestyle Medicine for you.

Root-Cause Solutions

Based on your input, Lifestyle Medicine WORKS™ PRO will suggest actionable root-cause answers and habit improvement strategies to help patient's prevent, reduce or reverse chronic health and life challenges.

Write Lifestyle Prescriptions®

Use the proven 3-step micro-habit Lifestyle Prescriptions® process to prescribe Lifestyle Medicine. Lifestyle Medicine WORKS™ PRO will provide SMART lifestyle prescriptions for your patients they actually enjoy practicing.

Learn Lifestyle Medicine Skills

The Prescribing Lifestyle Medicine Course will teach you vital health coaching skills including active listening, asking conscious questions, the 4-Step Habit Loop, how to address specific organ symptom root-causes, and strategies for clinical implementation.

"Invest in what's important. YOU.

The Lifestyle Medicine WORKS™ PRO AI powered platform provides the success tools and support needed for physicians and healthcare providers to implement evidence-based Lifestyle Medicine into their practices and support patients to prevent, reduce, and reverse chronic symptoms.

Johannes R. Fisslinger, MA

Founder Lifestyle Prescriptions® University

M. Yamani MD

HWC Chief Medical Officer, Owner Allcare Medical, Ornish Lifestyle Medicine Provider

Jane Oelke ND

Naturopath, Ph.D. LPHCS, Fibromyalgia Expert

Reham Garesh, MD

Founder Holistic Wellness Academy Saudi Arabia, MSc, DipIBLM, FAAMFM

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